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Even if you live outside of St. Louis, there are still opportunities to learn from me! I offer several downloadable products—access to my brain for a fraction of the cost of working with me in person!

Organizing Guides pdf downloads

You could spend hours going through this blog gleaning insight from the over 1,000 posts I’ve written over the last eight years. Or you can peruse ten years’ worth of monthly newsletters for helpful information. If that feels a little overwhelming, you can purchase one (or more!) of the eight Organizing Guides I’ve written that cover the most common issues I see with my clients. They’re designed to complement my one-on-one work, but they’re also helpful as stand-alone guides. At only $9 each, these concise guides are a very affordable (and easy) way to tap into my expertise. Learn more.

Insider’s Guides for New Organizers pdf downloads

Are you interested in starting an organizing business? Maybe you’re just getting started and wondering where to go next. I remember how mystifying the experience felt when I started Peace of Mind Organizing in 2005. In that time I’ve been fortunate to build a business that surpassed my initial goals (by a long shot). In an effort to help you succeed too, I’ve developed four guides for new and aspiring organizers that answer a lot of the questions I had when I was starting out. Each stands on its own, but if you buy all of them you’ll identify some recurring themes. Like my Organizing Guides, they’re only $9 each and a very easy way to learn from my experience. There are more Insider’s Guides in the works, so check back often! Learn more.

Good Enough Goal Setting

Back in 2009, I teamed up with life coach Shannon Wilkinson to create a teleclass to help you understand the three main problems with achieving goals and keeping resolutions and to provide the solutions to overcome them. Shannon and I now co-host the Getting to Good Enough podcast and we revisited the project and have updated the workbook for 2018, renaming it Good Enough Goal Setting. This workbook and audio take you through exercises — included guided hypnosis — to help you create goals that you can achieve. Learn more.

Recommended products from other people

I have affiliate relationships with some companies whose products I’ve used and loved. Here’s a list of products I recommend.

Interested in becoming a professional organizer?

Learn how to get started as a professional organizer with my blog post (be sure and read the comments!). Get more in-depth insights into building a successful business by buying one (or all) of my new Insider’s Guides for New Organizers.

Get past perfectionism

If you’re plagued by perfectionism, check out the Getting to Good Enough podcast, which I co-host with my life coach and friend Shannon Wilkinson. It’ll help you let go of perfectionism so you can do more of what you love.

Organizing begins in the heart – and mind

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