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Insider's Guides for New Organizers

If you’re a new organizer (or thinking about becoming one), building a successful business might feel a bit like climbing Mt. Everest.

While I’m certainly not a mountain climber, I have managed to build a successful business that’s in its 14th year. I’ve learned a lot along the way and my business has grown beyond what I imagined it could be when I was starting out.

I’ve developed a series of guides called the Insider’s Guides for New Organizers to give you information and guidance as you start or build your organizing business. There are five available now and I have more in the works. Please do check back for new entries in this series.

The guides have been designed to stand on their own, which means that some of the most important points are repeated among them. I figure it can’t hurt to read the important stuff more than once!

To learn about how to get started as a professional organizer, check out the post called Are you interested in becoming a professional organizer? on my blog.

Each guide costs just $9.

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Living the Dream: 10 ingredients for a successful organizing business

Are you pondering the idea of starting an organizing business? Or perhaps you’re starting one and you’re wondering how you might become more successful.

There’s a lot more to having a successful organizing business than being good at organizing and wanting to help others. This guide outlines the ten essential elements I’ve identified for success in this field. They’ve worked for me. They might work for you too. I originally published this guide in 2014 and modified it just a bit for 2017. 7 pages.

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Ten things I wish I'd known when I started my organizing business

Hindsight is 20-20 isn’t it? Looking back on more than a dozen years of organizing, I can see that I made some false assumptions or just simply wasn’t aware of certain aspects of owning an organizing business.

I’ve put together a list of 10 things that I think would be helpful for any new or aspiring organizer to know. Here’s your opportunity to learn from my mistakes! 12 pages.

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The organizing essentials I take to every client appointment

If you’ve ever wanted a peek into an experienced professional organizer’s took kit, here’s your chance. I keep several different tool kits in my van, along with specific containers and decluttering supplies. In this guide, I spell out the contents of each (and how they’re contained). You can use it as a starting point for putting together your own organizer’s tool kit! 6 pages.

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Do you have what it takes to succeed as a professional organizer?

If the idea of helping other people get organized—and getting paid for it—floats your boat, you might have what it takes to be a professional organizer. All professional organizers are different. There certainly isn’t a mold you have to fit in. But I think there are some qualities that most successful organizers share.

This guide outlines those qualities, to help give you an idea if you have what it takes. 7 pages.

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Scripts for sticky situations with organizing clients

Avoid being tongue-tied when a client springs an awkward situation on you. When you’re starting out as an organizer it can be hard to anticipate the various scenarios you might run into. But in more than a dozen years in business, I’ve encountered a lot of sticky situations.

In this guide I provide scripts for handling 20 fairly common sticky scenarios. Learn what you might say if the client’s home is too cluttered (or squalid) for you to work in or if you think your client could use a therapist. See scripts for raising your rates or responding to a prospective client who balks at your rates. I even provide suggestions for the words to use if you feel like progress with your client is too slow or (heaven forbid) the client is dissatisfied with your work together. Plus scripts for fourteen more situations. 17 pages

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Interested in becoming a professional organizer?

Learn how to get started as a professional organizer with my blog post (be sure and read the comments!). Get more in-depth insights into building a successful business by buying one (or all) of my new Insider’s Guides for New Organizers.

Get past perfectionism

If you’re plagued by perfectionism, check out the Getting to Good Enough podcast, which I co-host with my life coach and friend Shannon Wilkinson. It’ll help you let go of perfectionism so you can do more of what you love.

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