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As I unpack today, I am even more grateful for the thoughtful packing of your team. Amy did my bedroom and it has been very clear, and easy to unpack.

-- Nan Smith, St. Louis County, Missouri

You and your team were not just professional, but so much fun and really smart. I was even more excited when I saw my garage again this morning!

-- Karry Gladden, New Baden, Illinois

When we looked out into our garage, we were overwhelmed. So many things had been accumulated over the course of years. A lot of these things were tucked away in boxes and set aside to be gone through later. Well, years later and that day never came. What we were left with was a heap of empty boxes, boxes with an assortment of documents and large items that were taking up space.

When Janine came out, she was very respectful and encouraging of our motivation to take control of the situation. When she said she could do it in a day, I was beside myself. I was thrilled with the idea of being able to use the garage again.

When it was our scheduled time, I was amazed at Janine’s system. Our driveway may have looked like we were having a huge garage sale, but it worked. At the end of the day, we had our garage back. We had a system which was accessible and easy to use.

We are so relieved that we have this nightmare behind us. And, not only are we in a better place, but this whole experience motivated us. Janine and her team may be gone, but we’re still organizing. We’re micro-organizing. We’re continuing to refine the things we have by going through boxes of papers and loose DVD’s.

Not only did Janine and her team help us clean out our garage and implement a system, but she’s motivated us to keep going!

-- Billy Fauller, Barnhart, Missouri

It took a long time for me to realize that constant rearranging of things is not really the same as thoughtful organizing. Sometimes it’s just moving things around from one room to another and then back again, for years. Enter Janine, who listened to my needs, quickly assessed, and helped me plan our time. Then she and Terry unpacked their bags and got to work. They stayed focused, made the work enjoyable, and gave me the time I needed to make decisions. And they knew a specific charity that would benefit from all my beloved yarn! When the day was done, Janine and Terry carried out the bags of things to be given away, recycled, and thrown out. They didn’t leave anything for me to deal with, which was a great gift. Peace of Mind Organizing has helped me three separate times, and I am hoping to call Janine for a fourth session later this year. Thank you so much – you do make a difference!

-- Sue Fuller, Swansea, Illinois

Thank you for all the help with my closets! I keep opening doors to closets to get that “Ahhhh…” feeling of seeing the newly cleared spaces. In the bathroom and basement closets it is so easy to see what is in there now and to find what I’m looking for!

-- Debby Bowers, St. Louis, Missouri

I want to thank you so much for everything. The basement looks awesome and everyone was so wonderful and understanding. It was such a great experience and achievement. It’s the best feeling in the world and is certainly worth every cent. You are the best ever.

-- Karen Whitney, Hazelwood, Missouri

After moving to the East Coast a few years ago, I struggled to find someone to help me figure out what to do with all the items I couldn’t take with me and had left in storage in Missouri. Lucky for me, I finally found Janine and Peace of Mind Organizing! She got back to me right away and, before I knew it, we’d ‘virtually’ sifted through the items together and settled on what to do with everything. Janine skillfully coordinated the entire process of emptying my large (and full) storage unit in record time, including working with a great company to help me auction and donate different items. Thanks to Janine, this storage headache is no longer sapping my energy – or wallet(!) – and I’m so happy to have rediscovered special items while freeing others to bless someone else. Janine is a consummate pro and is knowledgeable, creative, honest, and efficient. She’s also a wonderful person! Thanks again for making this so easy despite my being halfway across the country – and a timezone – away. Amazing!

-- Marta Pineda, Arlington, Virginia

After working with an Operation: Peace of Mind team, I love being able to walk through the main level of my home and feel relief that I have everything sorted out. It’s cheaper than therapy — life is too short to live in a messy, unorganized house!

-- Marianne Cherry, Chesterfield, Missouri

Peace of Mind Organizing does just that—they ease your mind about your organization choices and assist you in making the best choices for your lifestyle. They are very patient, professional and prompt. I would recommend that anyone like me that has a big mess give them a call. Janine, I want to thank you, Sheila, Terry and Kim. I feel like we are friends now.

-- Rikki Henry, Shiloh, Illinois

It was a pleasure to work with professionals who care about what they are doing and who care so much for their clients. I feel so good now that my basement is organized and clutter-free. I was able to become decluttered in one day!

-- Michael Eastman, St. Louis, Missouri

My husband and I hired an Operation: Peace of Mind team to help us declutter and organize our basement. I enjoyed working with such a nice, understanding and supportive group of people. While it was an intense experience, I am so glad we spent the time and the money. We’re really enjoying our space now!

-- Marta Gray, St. Louis, Missouri

Of course I felt the ‘peace of mind’ of getting organized but I also have a sense of pride, calm, confidence and optimism! Your empathic and non-judgmental chararacter makes working with you not just easy but comforting and FUN!!

-- Ann Murphy, St. Louis, Missouri

The day I met Janine for the consultation I was nervous. But she came in with such positive energy and great ideas that I decided to give it a shot.

The day of the transformation, the team was so amazing! They were genuinely kind, considerate, helpful, motivational, and most importantly they made the process easy and fun. I would do it again in a heartbeat, except I learned so many new and easy ways to do things that I’ll never need to do it again!

-- Mary Wheeler, St. Louis, Missouri

I’m just amazed by how it all came together. Truly remarkable. You and your team are so talented, efficient and FUN to work with!  I only wish I had done all this a long time ago. It’s the best money I’ve spent in years!

-- Kate McCurdy, St. Louis, Missouri

The team approach was incredible—it was like magic and was painless. When the day was over I actually had an organized space, and two months later I’ve kept it that way! I was stressed about opening my home and my belongings to strangers and I really considered canceling my appointment, but I knew the clutter and disorganization were affecting me emotionally so I went through with it.

I was surprised that it was so easy! The team was reassuring and positive the entire time and made me feel comfortable about the process. It’s incredible what you can accomplish with a group of people in a day!

-- Laura Davidson, St. Louis, Missouri

I was concerned over the investment required to bring in an Operation: Peace of Mind team, but I really liked the description on the website of how you listen to what the customer wants. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the team members were at what they do and I loved how Janine took a personal interest in my situation. The team was as good as it gets and I’m completely satisfied!

-- Scott Vogelweid, St. Louis, Missouri

We had talked about taking a week of vacation and organizing the basement and the office, but we agreed last night that the team accomplished more on Saturday than we would have in a whole week. You’re amazing at what you do and so hard working. On top of all that, you’re just a really pleasant group of people to spend the day with.

-- Amy Trueblood, Cape Girardeau, Missouri

I really enjoyed working with you and the team. The end result was so freeing.There was no judgment on the team’s part and my initial embarrassment vanished soon after everyone arrived. My place looks great and I actually feel good being there! If neighbors stop by now, I’ll be happy to let them in.

-- Denise Hesler, Ballwin, Missouri

My home was so cluttered that I couldn’t easily navigate through it. Though I felt some shame in exposing my mess to others, the clutter crew was non-judgmental and the shame quickly went away. I felt so supported throughout the process and I was really happy with the quick progress we made. I want to express my deepest gratitude for the support you gave me and for the push toward returning peace of mind to my life. If I had a friend or family member asking me whether it’s worth it to bring in an Operation: Peace of Mind team, I’d say, “Why are you standing there? Call now!”

-- Peggy Sharp, Manchester, Missouri

Excellent, calming, fun and funny, highly intelligent, trustworthy, empathetic, patient, safe: all these words describe Janine.  After reading many of her other testimonials, I agree with most everything that was said.  But I want to add that Janine is very much a life coach as well as being an outstanding organizer.  She would not call herself a counselor, but she can be, if you let her.  She has a storehouse of wisdom and can apply it to anything going on in your home, family or life.  Not only that, but her excellent dog training skills instantly mitigated a problem we have had with our nine year old dog for many years.

During the sorting of old memorabilia boxes, we ran across some very personal letters and Janine handled each with kid gloves and the right amount of concern. She enabled me to rid myself of lots of old baggage. Sometimes sharing things with an unbiased, uninvolved person can be freeing.

For years I had heard about Janine and even taken an online course from her. It took me way too long to hire her. Now that I have used her services several times, I plan to continue to take advantage of her help.  Here is my advice.  If you are in over your head—literally or figuratively—hire Janine!

-- Anne Kaufmann, St. Louis, Missouri

I don’t have enough superlatives to describe the help Peace of Mind Organizing gave me in preparing for my move out of the country. Not only were you there to provide physical support, but you also provided mental and emotional support for the tough decisions. I am very grateful and would gladly recommend you to my friends.

-- Gretchen Hewitt, University City, Missouri (and now Abu Dhabi)

We needed some serious man (woman) power to get our basement back under control. You guys were great! Thank you so much for helping us get so much accomplished in such a short period of time. Your team was so friendly and we loved how everyone stayed on task. It was a big project, and the great people on the team made it fun!

-- Crystal Garrett, Ballwin, Missouri

Having ‘new’ eyes look at the same spaces that I’ve been trying to corral on my own brought about amazing results. I loved being part of the process: I didn’t want someone to ‘do’ it for me, I wanted to help and be involved so that the solution was something that would really work for me. I was pleased that the end result was so dramatic!

-- Kristi Hill, St. Louis, Missouri

I wasn’t sure the benefit would outweigh the cost, but it was absolutely worth it. The Operation: Peace of Mind experience was quick and painless and we accomplished exactly what we wanted!!

-- Katie Barton, Kirkwood, Missouri

Janine helped us get our house on the market quickly. However, my experience with her makes me certain that she can and will address many other situations and needs as well. She is adaptable, flexible, prompt, careful, and communicative. I am literally stunned at how much she accomplished for us in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend her and hold her in the highest esteem.

-- Joanna Beck Wilkinson, St. Louis, Missouri

When I met with you, I felt we really connected and I didn’t feel judged. Before the team arrived, I have to admit I was nervous. But everyone was very professional, and also enthusiastic, focused and fun. You made it easy. Now my house is looking even better than I thought it could!

-- Jan Petrick, Kirkwood, Missouri

It was an absolute blast to work with you. You are obviously awesome at what you do. To be able to walk in, connect with that family and handle the tv crew, you are a top notch professional.

-- Matt Paxton, of A&E's Hoarders TV show, on my assistance on a shoot

Having Janine come into the house for a personal consultation changed my thinking about organizing and the state of the house. It took the pressure off. Now I don’t see the organizing as overwhelming and something I’m not capable of or not good at. It almost seems fun.

-- Stephanie Faunce, St. Louis, Missouri

[After working with Janine] I now have true harmonious peace when I come home. I can really relax and enjoy my home. I now have the time, space and freedom in my life for real living. It makes all the difference in the world.

Thank you so much for the gifts and blessings you have shared with me. Your work is truly transformational, liberating and inspiring.

-- Jeri Peterson, St. Louis, Missouri

My fiance and I have talked about the “Operation: Peace of Mind” experience, which was as good as anything like that could ever be. You had a great crew and everyone was amazingly efficient and very patient with us. I cannot thank you enough for the peace of mind you gave me.

-- Robert Worthy, St. Louis, Missouri

Working with Janine was life changing! Her advice about what should be kept, thrown away, or donated was so clear. At the end of our sessions I was shocked at how much we had gotten done and I could actually envision everything being organized….for once it wasn’t totally overwhelming, but do-able. Her approach is simple and we accomplished so much in the time that we worked together. Thank you, Janine, for your help and your patience.

-- Andrea Robertson, O'Fallon, Missouri, Mrs. America 2010

I’d like to thank you for all the hard work you have put in giving my mom “peace of mind”. You’ve really done a great job and we all really appreciate it! The difference has been amazing and I hope that you take great pride in what you do. I will definitely miss hanging around during your sessions.

-- Anna Perlak, West Lafayette, Indiana

I finally decided to act on my New Year’s resolution for organizing and decluttering my life and called Janine in early January. Her initial assessment provided me with lots of ideas that were easy to implement right away. That was all it took to give me the confidence to keep going! Her second visit proved even more valuable since she tackled my worst room and helped me throw things away that had taken up space for over 20 years. Using her suggested filing system, I can even eat a bowl of cereal on my kitchen table, not a pile of paper! Thanks to Janine’s insightful suggestions along with her cheerful enthusiasm and encouragement, I am making great strides toward becoming an organized person—HOORAY!

-- Rebecca Wallace, Manchester, Missouri

I really do believe Janine was miraculously sent to me. She not only took the time to observe but she was particularly careful to listen to my concerns, my needs, my cry to create and maintain a system that worked for my family! She took the time to understand my unique way of thinking and came up with a diligent, streamlined, masterful way of organizing my life. I am ever so grateful and so glad I met her.

-- Jewel Collier, St. Louis, Missouri

It has been a great rejuvenating process to work with Janine. I truly believe that our experience together has been a watershed event for me. Her support and consideration have been my backbone in this work! Her energy and sheer physical stamina are the encouragement for me to keep going with my tasks.

-- Janice Shah, Newburgh, Indiana

With Janine’s calm, non-judgmental guidance I have been able to understand that for me the clutter represented delayed decisions. She helped me clear places for things to be and her gentle manner and great sense of humor gave me the courage to make decisions about what is really important to me and let go of what is not. As a result I am accomplishing many things that I used to put off because I can find things quickly and easily. I am also undertaking new projects because I am enjoying my newly toned decision “muscle”. It’s a wonderful feeling and I could not have gotten to this point without Janine’s help.

-- Marita Perlak, St. Louis, Missouri

Janine Adams is, in a word, fabulous. I am not an organized person and I have a complete lack of business skills. Janine understood this. She asked me what I needed, took notes, and in a very short time, created order out of chaos. Janine helped me create a sense of order so that I was able to get my art business off the ground. She is truly one of the most amazing people (and organizers) I have ever met. “Remarkable” is an understatement. Everyone who witnessed what she did for me could not get over it. I would have said that what she did was impossible…but she did it.

-- Marlene Lewis, Webster Groves, Missouri

I am a freelance writer and photographer and work from home; my office had extended beyond a single room into most of the apartment. My clutter—junk, important papers, and photos all mixed together—was out of control. Although I tried to declutter, the amount of “stuff” was so overwhelming, I just could not deal with it…so it kept getting worse and worse. In the back of my mind I could hear echoes of scoldings from childhood about my messy room.

When Janine came and worked her “magic,” the changes were astounding. It isn’t really magic, but she has such a down-to-earth, non-judgmental way of working with her clients, the whole process was a delight. It was so therapeutic to get rid of so much stuff, and organize the papers, books, photos, memorabilia, etc. It’s amazing how freeing it felt to shred certain things (even ones that could have been recycled).

Janine’s organizational skills have changed my life. I seemed to spend more time looking for something than actually working on it. Now, I can put my finger right on what I want. With the office looking so good and everything having a “home” where it belongs, it is easy to maintain the integrity. It may sound corny, but I feel as if I have been on a week-long retreat, even though I was there all the time; a new and better me has returned to a new and better office. Thanks Janine. You have truly changed my life for the better.

-- Cathy Wilkinson Barash, Des Moines, Iowa

Janine is a great coach. Her five hours with us gave us the kickstart we needed to know what to do, and the motivation to realize we have the ability to do it. I definitely would recommend Janine’s services, as she is not pushy and is generous with recommendations, if in fact we want to do the rest ourselves.

-- Laura Herring, St. Louis, Missouri

What an incredible difference Janine Adams has made in my life! She helped me to move from paper-strewn confusion to clear table and counter tops and orderly files and systems. And, even more miraculous, I’ve been able to maintain it over time.

I’ve had a paper management problem for years. I’ve instituted some systems that worked, but couldn’t figure out a way to keep paper from collecting on certain surfaces. Janine asked a lot of questions and made a lot of helpful suggestions until we found some things that I felt would work for me. She accepted my quirks and didn’t try to convince me of anything that didn’t feel right to me. She also sat with me and helped me clear files and piles of paper. That moral support and assistance made such a difference in the process. And the weird thing was she seemed to have fun doing it. The results of her efforts have transformed my life. I can access important papers immediately. I’m up to date on my bill paying and insurance form filing. My work files are orderly and I can find what I need in a second. And there’s no paper anywhere! I’d use Janine Adams’ organizing services again in a flash.

-- Patricia Cancellier, Rockville, Maryland

Janine’s organized and relaxed approach makes even the most daunting spot of your house seem like an easy task. She shows up armed with tools to begin your project and cheerfully plows through piles of mess, leaving behind small, contained and workable systems in the previously disorganized wastelands. I would highly recommend her for ANYTHING.

-- Dorene Olson, St. Louis, Missouri

Janine helped me tremendously! My desk was like the roach motel. Papers checked in, but they didn’t check out! Janine offered a calm presence throughout the overwhelming task I had facing me. I simply wanted to once again see the surface of my desk, and, enjoy working there again, too. Her patient guidance helped me sort through mounds of accumulated piles: correspondences, coursework, health materials, articles, photos, various lists of things I’d intended to do. The structure Janine offered for me to become better organized feels comfortable for my particular quirks and one that I can continue using. My desk has remained a clear workspace for a month! This is an invaluable service for anyone whose brain doesn’t work efficiently in handling all the paperwork that resides in the household.

-- Sarah Anne Patz, St. Louis, Missouri

Janine was a godsend. My 10’ by 20’ storage locker had been a dumping ground for more than two years. She quickly got a grasp of the situation and, with her expert guidance and encouragement, we managed to cull through more than 40 boxes of “stuff” from tools to old family photos to hundreds of books. I finally threw out a dumpster full of junk and put enough items on eBay to make more than $300!

-- Douglas Arnold, St. Charles, Missouri

Having lived with an unorganized and cluttered office for so long, with important papers squirreled away in all areas of the house, I can’t begin to describe the satisfaction and, yes, peace of mind I now enjoy all due to the expertise and assistance of Janine and Peace of Mind Organizing. Janine helped me to stay focused on the seemingly insurmountable task at hand and through her gentle guidance, I was able to determine what items to discard, what items to keep and then systematically organize everything in a simple, precise and practical way in one convenient central location. The whole process was completed in a surprisingly small investment in time with stupendous results. I couldn’t be more pleased and only wish I had sought Janine’s help long ago. Thanks you, Janine!

-- John Mason, St. Louis, Missouri

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